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What is?


The GVS Realistic Fly Tying System is a system to create artificial flies very similar to the real ones and it is made up of small parts and various materials enabling the creation of any type of fly with different sizes, very similar to the real ones. The GVS products are available under varied shapes, models and sizes in order to enable the creation of flies identical to natural bugs living on the water courses and rivers, where you like to go fishing.

GVS Burners are profiled tweezers imitating the profile of Flies Wings and which enable thus the obtaining of Realistic Wings; they are made of stainless steel and assembled by means of two outer lamellas in the shape of the corresponding Wing; they are assembled by welding based on the clamp ensuring its tightness. This system used by us warrants during the profiling and gluing stage of the wings that the two outer lamellas of the Burner would not move sideways and ruin the wing during its manufacturing.

GVS Burners are available in 5 models of varied sizes, from the Mayfly, the Caddisfly, the Stonefly, Nymph of the Mayfly and Stonefly for a total of 36 GVS Burners, each GVS Burner has its own printed sheet for Wings and corresponding Pockets of the Wing. The sheets for the wings are made in a neutral colour and shall be used as such, besides the fact that they can be made out of a multitude of colours similar to the Wings of natural Flies. The GVS models regarding the manufacturing of the back side of the Nymphs (GVS NMW and NSW) render a more natural appearance to the profile and shape of Fly Nymph.

Besides Burners are wings, there are also customized Hooks for GVS, among our products and such enable the reduction of the visual impact to a minimum, when seen by the fish and considering their reduced size, they enable even the reduction of the weight of an artificial Flies; this contributes a lot even at the floating capacity of the realistic Flies.

In order to enable the manufacturing of the body of the artificial flies, among our products there is also a GVS EBP (Extended Body Pins) kit; these are supports of stainless steels that once fixed to the hook of the fishing rod enable the accomplishment of the body out of Foam, avoiding thus the accomplishment thereof directly on the hook; as a consequence, the body of an fly is accomplished, which is very similar to the real one. GVS EBP are of stainless steel, available in 4 sizes in order to create bodies of variable thickness and length. In order to obtain realistic bodies besides the Selected Foam is also used as a tying line to assemble the GVS PT (Dyneema Line) which due to its characteristics and resistance at weight enables the pulling and tying during the creation operations without causing unpleasant ruptures.

Another very useful product to complete the manufacturing set of realistic Flies is GVS Power Thread Dyneema, a very resistant line for manufacturing based on polymers, which is very soft and suitable to the base, where this is coiled and enables to us to block materials throughout the manufacturing period without the concern that such would break due to excessive traction. The standard colour is White, but it can be coloured according to preferences with one of the Permanent Markers, according to the colour of the corresponding tying line.

For a better understanding of the manner of using our products and of the steps to create a realistic Bug by a vast view, we recommend that you should watch the GVS short films available on our webpage regarding operations of creating wings of artificial bugs.